M & R


If you want to get secretly married, this is the wedding of  YOUR  dreams! Coming all the way from Canada M & R decided to exchange their vows, on a small and deserted island while sailing between the Aegean islands. Surrounded only by close friends, the meal took place on the island’s beach, under the glow of torches and to the sound of soft music... For dinner, local distinguished products joined the couple and their friends for a festive meal.

Cheese, pies and pastries fish, were delivered in small zodiacs in order to be warmly enjoyed ... The bougainvillea was the dominant flower ...

Wedding favors and candies served in marine cans, a small fishing boat, a flood of champagne and a majestic sunset behind the hills of Antiparos, framed the Fishing Concept.

Fishing Concept M&R
Event Planning:
la fête
Event Decoration:
la fête
17 septembre 2017
04 February 2017