This spectacular wedding took place at the breathtaking rock formation in central Greece which hosts the most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries, Meteora. This place is the best spot to get married around nature , on the cultural Greece and embrace your love.  Far from the noise of Athens this wedding immerses us with romantic landscapes around the mountains , the pictures below speak for themselves. The couple is not originally from Greece but the bride Alexi has origins in her family from there so it wasn’t her first time here. Surrounded by the love of their relatives and friends from France , USA and Greece this is where Alexis and Kenneth said yes for life to each other. 

All the guests well dressed with umbrellas under the sun are waiting for our dear beautiful bride to arrive in front of the church, her future husband is also waiting impatiently upstairs with the incredible multicolor bouquet in his hands. And when she finally arrived everyone was amazed by how beautiful she was  , looking like a Greek goddess with her outfit. 

Since Alexi is baptized orthodox they were able to have a traditional orthodox ceremony in Greek at the splendid Peter & Paul church in Kastraki village. It was a very intimate ceremony and simplistic like the couple. They had beautiful flowers crowns for the traditional exchange.  And that was it under the eyes of all the guests and their little newborn. The young couple were married. 

After all this emotions it is now time for them to gather everyone to have a fresh good meal prepared by Meteoron Panorama Restaurant. With these impressive views the reception took place at the restaurant. With brown wooden tables who were decorated with grey table runner at each place and a long multiple colorful flowers path as it was just been picked. There was also candles to light up the tables at night and warm up the hearts. On each plates tangle grey napkins were disposed with a tiny bouquet of flowers and a craft paper with a " you rock " quote. The guest’s favors were little blue pouches with traditional greek products inside  greek honey , virgin olive oil and some liquors. During the reception a traditional Greek band was playing music with guitars , bouzouki and harmonium. During this night smiles were on everyone's faces especially during the time of the speeches, a very emotional moment for the entire crowd. Under the light strings over their head everyone prayed for the happiness of the couple , and then the party went one all night , with DANCE, DANCE , DANCE.  

And then the next morning the couple who still can realize that they are now united for life , are about to get an after wedding party because the celebration is never over. The event took place early in the morning at the Eagle's Nest TAVERNA,  in Vlachava VILLAGE. The tables were here decorated with the colors of love, pure white and red roses. The dinner was outside with the splendid greek weather and the amazing views on the mountains. The La fete had gently disposed of some blue and white carpets with greek design on the grass to have like an intimate picnic. There were also some very pretty cream umbrellas, for them to take the pose in front of the camera. It was an incredible moment with all friends and family to enjoy the love for the couple. 

At the top of these big mountains with the beautiful blue sky the newly married couple are now ready to begin their life as husband and wife together and forever and after. 

To the lovely Alexi and Kenneth it has been a joy to be part of this non common wedding, it was our first organizing wedding there, and thanks to you we did and we don’t regret it. To you happy family we wish the best for your future life together. 


Photo Credits:
Francois Prost
Event Planning:
La Fête
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La Fête
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