The setting; the poet Angelos Sikelianos’ Villa. When I saw it for the first time I knew we had to organize a wedding with such an architectural masterpiece as the backdrop… The wedding was that of Coralie and Fabien and it was like a dream! Coralie called me one day on my mobile and said, "I want to get married in Greece. The guest list will be a total of 20 people! We will only have 3 days. I want it to be by the sea and for the theme to be aristocratic!” Immediately my mind went to the Sikyon Coast!

We booked the Xylokastro Town Hall and we started planning the wedding! In collaboration with Athena we designed a beautiful bamboo construction which we set up on the beach. The exchange of vows would take place there in an intimate ceremony with just the sea and champagne! In the rooms the invitations awaited the guests along with the weekend’s instructions and a wedding favour containing ouzo and rose ‘loukoumia’ or Turkish delight. The bachelor party was to be held at a seaside beach bar in Kiato.

Preparations began on Sunday morning. The Mayor of Xylokastro married the sweet couple while we were present for translation into French! Dinner was served at a chic Italian restaurant with a special menu served by candlelight and with classical music. The father of the bride opened a Bordeaux kept in the cellar especially for his daughter's wedding day. After Coralie and Fabien cut the cake, dances and cocktails followed at the beach bar.

As the evening came to a close, guests lay in the beach cabanas gazing at the stars! An absolutely classy, chic little wedding which we adored!!

1000 mercis Coralie & Fabien!

Aristocratic seaside wedding
Photo Credits:
Nikos Psathoyannakis
Sikyon Coast
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la fête
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la fête
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la fête
02 September 2017
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