Peace, prosperity, resurrection, renovation, fertility, cornucopia, hope, celebration, and triumph are amongst a multitude of notions evoked by one of the most sacred, most prized symbols in the depth of centuries, the olive tree.
Legend has it that when Zeus offered a contest between Athena and Poseidon for the possession of Athens, Poseidon raised up his three-pronged trident, smashed it upon the hard rock of the Acropolis and out a salt spring sprang. Athena, on the other hand, produced an olive tree, its rich fruits bountifully dangling from the branches. The Athenians chose Athena’s gift and the olive tree has remained an essential part of Greece, with its leaves, used to crown the heads of victorious athletes, generals, and kings.

When it comes to getting married in Greece this editorial shoot at the Odeon of Herod Atticus, the 161 AD theater on the Acropolis, discloses everything about halcyon sophistication, grace, subtlety and rarefied light. With an emphasis on the redemptive nature of the al fresco, amid verdant olive groves, low-key and at the same time grandiose, framing the chiseled contours of a bride’s elysian silhouette, we take steps back in time where minimalistic opulence, vogue and legend become one; A silken goddess quietly awaking under the lush Athenian sun. (copyright to @Sotiris Tsakanikas)

Design-Coordination: Getting Married In Greece | Event Planning: Lafete.gr | Floral Design: redboxdays.gr | Hair + Makeup: Marios Stavropoulos | Cutlery: Zara Home | Shoes: Femme Fanatique | Wedding Dress: Parthenis | Rentals: Zazoo Event Rentals | Cake: Pavlov’s Lab | Invitations: Atelier Invitations | Model: Christiana Georgopoulou | Assistant photographer: Antonis Kavalieratos | Film Lab: Carmenicita

Photo Credits:
Sotiris Tsakanikas
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la fete & getting married in greece
Red Box Days
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Atelier Invitations
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la fete & getting married in greece
06 July 2019
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