A traditional Greek Orthodox Wedding

This wedding is about a young native Greek couple who decided to get engaged for life in the beautiful little town of Nafplio, Opora Country Living. After having a crush for this place and for each other of course they gathered all together their families and friends to celebrate love and engagement.

After getting ready seperately with her beautiful long withelace dress and sea blue heels ( were she had written the names off all the singles guests and at the end of the day the name the more fade away will be the future bride ), Ioanna and Lambros with his splendid three pieces blue suits are going to meet for the ceremony. The ceremony took place in front of a little stone church at the same venue decorated with impressive plants. Outside of the church , where the priest proceeded to the engagement there was a little wooden table with all the necessary for a traditional orthodox wedding. 

After reciting blessings and Bible passages, the priest makes the sign of the cross while holding the rings and declaring the betrothal. The priest may hold the rings in his hands while pressing the bride and groom's forehead three times each. After the rings are exchanged the priest gives the couple candles to hold in their hands. The burning flames symbolize the couple's spiritual willingness to receive God's blessings. The priest also joins the couples right hands together while praying for their wedding. The bride and groom continue to hold hands during the ceremony  to symbolize their oneness. 

After this it’s the centerpiece of the Eastern Orthodox marriage ceremony, the Crowning,  with ornate gold ‘Prigipo’ crown, symbol of glory and honor. The koumbaros presents the couple with two crowns joined by a white ribbon, symbolizing the couple's unity. The priest places the crowns on the couple's heads while they face the altar, then the koumbaros swaps the crowns on the couple's heads three times. According to ancient custom, the crowns are to stay with the couple for life.

After the priest reads additional Bible passages, the bride and groom take three sips of wine from a shared cup. The ritual of the common cup is based on the wedding of Cana of Galilee, where Jesus turned water into wine. The cup represents life and symbolizes the couple's mutual sharing of joy and sorrow. As they drink wine from the common cup, they are reminded that from that moment they will share everything, doubling their joys and dividing their sorrows. And this is how they say yes for life under their religion and their traditional culture. 

The reception was also held at the same estate, the Opora country living. The couple desired to have an authentic neutral colors wedding with refined details, white tables and chairs , some wood and touches of gold and a lot of pampas and eucalyptus coordinated with the venue because the party and the meal took place under the olive trees, like if you were in the middle of a field. They also had a custom logo with their initials for the invitation , but also for the guests favor a traditional handmade greek sugar cherry dessert and a little plant Echeveria disposed of at every place. A boho sweet corner was designed offering sugar almonds to put inside custom little brown boxes. 

Then they raised their glasses to the couple and they wished them an amazing couple life together. They danced the sirtaki with their friends and family and had so much fun on the land that saw them grow. 

To Ioanna And Lambros we are so blessed that you chose us for celebrating this unforgettable moment for an unforgettable couple like you. To your shining smiles, who we hope will shine forever and after.


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