John is an old friend, who lived for years in England. Leanne is a girl you just have to meet once to understand instantly why my friend had fallen in love! We talked on the phone and promised that it would have to be done- TOGETHER! A wedding in Anafi is not easy .. But if we could succeed it would be a dream come true! And it was...

We agreed on the minimalistic style of the wedding and the traditional chic character. A traditional chic wedding then! Our colours inspired by the palette of the island, pale golden yellow, black and white.

The first trip was beautiful ... An essential stop in Santorini where the sweet Panagiota awaited us at the Sigalas winery to choose wine for the wedding dinner.  Followed by a rendezvous with Manolis to design the sound and light coverage of the square. A walk in the Caldera and a quick sleep and then off we went to Anafi…Where Calliope was waiting for us for a food tasting at ‘The Liotrivi’. Local lamb with potatoes, pies, bread fermented with saffron, freshly cut salad with traditional Greek cheese and sweet bonbons! A hot Sunday lunch with all the family! Unforgettable!

The next day left me to organize Captain George and the boats which would carry everyone from Santorini and of course the kindly available Costas who would make the transfer of all the equipment, the wine, and lots more! While there I bought a woolen shawl handmade by a talented lady to protect me against the cold on the ship, eager to keep working against the elements!

Everything began to take shape .. the wedding website, save the dates, invitations, decorations, stamps, thank you cards, even the orthodox ceremony documents managed and organized!

The weekend arrived and with it, so too did the wedding guests.  A huge pre-wedding party kicked off on the island of Glaros or Glarosini meaning ‘seagull’! The Party was made complete with the sun striking the Cyclades (The Cycladic sun is unlike any other).  It was mesmerizing.

Guests, photographers, flowers, DJs, arrived with boats. Tables and chairs were gathered from the local tavernas, lace and burlap were cut, candles lit, bagpipes prepared, light bulbs plugged into sockets, goat meat put in the oven, favours tied, cobblestones whitewashed .. . The La fete team was there for all this and more .. A wedding with style and finesse completed and another set of memories were added to our portfolio!

I must say that without Calliope, Anna, Sophia, Maria, Manos, Yannis, Kostas, George nothing would have been the same!! Thank you to all the inhabitants of Anafi and your support !!

Ioannis and Leanne, thank you for the experience and for the wonderful weekend!! It was one of our personal favourites!


A wedding on Anafi Island
Photo Credits:
Theodoros Chliapas
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la fête
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la fête
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la fête
12 July 2019
30 June 2018
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