Syros, the Capital of the Cyclades and completely breath taking! Anais Evripioti believes no words can quite capture the essence of the island. 'Whatever I say about this island cannot do it justice, thanks to my parents I was fortunate to grow up there!’ The place is full of picture postcard images, quaint streets, traditional houses, rare colours, all perfect for a bride and groom to use as a backdrop for their dream wedding celebrations.

This particular island charmed Maria and Themis, for whom we had the pleasure of organizing their wedding this September, 2015. When the couple sat Anais down in the office she realized that their story and charm and the preparation of this fun yet fashionable wedding would be ‘un grand succès!’ so in a quirky merge of greek and french, the wedding got baptised as, ‘Grand Souxe!’

The preparations all started one special Friday. This was the day when the 'Arhontiko Ermoupolis Hotel' was converted into a factory! A team of men and women began transforming ideas and samples into choices for the big day! The wedding decorations, nougats, marshmallows, sugar-coated almonds, all set the tone and a cute organic cotton bag became a personized wedding favour and various yellow and turquoise details all came harmoniously together!

After an enjoyable and rewarding day of preparation, friends and relatives of the couple gathered in Vari where SWEL beach bar was waiting for them to start pre-wedding celebrations. The décor was organized within 24 hours. Turquoise plastic flower pots, washi tape, paper signs, wooden constructions, joyful messages, and pom poms transformed Vari beach into festive surroundings! After the necessary frenetic dances, guitars came out and guests sat beneath the full moon and welcomed the night ...

The Grand Souxe Team arrived to decorate our bride! And in a separate suite, friends and family of Themis all squeezed in to begin the tradition of dressing the groom! * Of course there is always time for a kiss for the bride! Chic garments are hanging pressed and ready in the groom’s suite...... confirming that everything is in position. Buttonholes stand by to be added to the jackets, a red silk handkerchief is placed just so, and a pair of navy Tom's await the groom.

At the other end of the neoclassical scale, a maid of honor unveils the bridal dress from its cover. Grandmother conjures memories of her own wedding and pulls out her purse filled with wonderful black and white photographs to share with friends of the bride. Ornate pearls await the bride in a porcelain box ...Raki, liqueurs, delicious savory snacks have flooded into the beautiful dining room of the manor house. In the attic where Maria was getting prepared, the scene looked like a fairytale!

As more friends and relatives began to arrive, our unshaven groom, colourful bouquet in hand, led the Thessalonians into Protopapadaki Street and headed towards the Apollon theatre. The bride had completed her make-up, braids and curls, but was growing nervous as she didn’t want to keep her groom waiting!!

The church would conduct the ceremony, Agia Paraskvi, adorned with bougainvillea, it was the perfect frame for the joining of this couple. Themis and Maria were ready to exchange wedding rings and wear their crowns. Their golden wreaths with modern geometric shapes of blue enamel, a creation of jewelry designer ΠΡΙΓΚΙΠΩ especially for the GRAND SOUXE WEDDING.

Once the ceremony was complete, guests enjoyed fresh lemonade, sugared almonds and petit fours and made their way to the reception spot, Sunset Kini, offering spectacular views of the Cyclades. Seated on pews beneath the pergola, relatives and friends looked proudly at the excited couple.

Sunset Kini guests found an "effervescent" drink awaiting them (orgeat syrup composed of almonds, sugar and rose water, carbonated, with vodka and ... a little secret ingredient). Seafood dishes, local cheeses, and fresh salads filled the plates on the white wooden tables and Syros’ local white wine filled the glasses. The dances began very early. On the decks; George, who always knows how to arouse the world! The open bar served refreshing Mojitos and Apple Martinis while photographs were capturing the unforgettable moments.

The decor was just so. Not wanting to overshadow the posh white picture perfect seaside restaurant. We used simple gerbera in red, fuchsia, yellow and orange, placed in glass jam jars accompanied by candles with a turquoise blue chevron pattern. In rustic blue frames we put the numbers of the wedding tables, while the initials of the couple were rustically written in chalk on a blackboard. And it felt complete. This was sufficient to decorate the already beautiful world around the tables.

Of course the open air photobooth was the final touch! Made from Paros driftwood, the frame saw all the friends and relatives of the couple squeeze in with props and smiling faces to add to the festivities and memories for the bride and groom. The evening ended with men’s abs appearing, waltzes commencing, zeibekika and walks along the beach ...The celebration was of course a big success, with an abundance of happy faces sharing the joy of Maria and Themis as they shared their union and their love with their loved ones. They were entertained, flooded with heart felt wishes, and rewarded with memories they will never forget. They don’t stop telling us how little time it felt, just three days of celebration.

‘I don’t blame them’ says Anais Evripioti.

‘Themis and Maria are two very open and warm people. They know how to share generously their joy and their love. This is the main reason why it is so special doing this job. To get to know new friends like them!’

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Thanasis Kaiafas
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03 September 2016
01 October 2016
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