An Authentic, Greek Orthodox, Cycladic marriage and christening on the island of Antiparos proved to be truly inspiring and memorable events!

Nikoletta and Dimitris were certain that they wanted to have their wedding and child’s christening at their holiday home on the island of Antiparos. This island holds a special place in their hearts and so many lovely memories. They also knew that they wanted to have someone who knows the area to organise an event that was authentically them. So when it was time to decide, Paros-based wedding planner, la fête, was the perfect match.

After meeting with the couple la fete went to work to bring the couples’ dream wedding to life. La fête was beside Nikoletta and Dimitris every step of the way to make sure the celebration always remained authentically them. Bringing Nikoletta and Dimitris’ personal wedding vision to fruition, la fête made sure to incorporate minimal and locally sourced wedding elements to let the island's natural beauty shine through at this cool island beach party celebration. Nikoletta and Dimitris opted for a natural wedding color palette of green, white and lavender to complement the island’s natural flora. They also chose to use local white garden roses, lavender, olive leaves and eucalyptus for the occasion. Nikoletta and Dimitris wanted to appreciate every moment of their special weekend. So they decided that a pre-wedding party at their breathtaking private Greek seaside villa was the best way to welcome their beloved families and guests. At the pre-wedding soirée guests enjoyed a Greek meze-style cocktail hour and Parian wine. 

The stylish bride in a stunning bespoke two-piece lace wedding ensemble, Katia Delatola a white flower adorning her coif, and carrying an elegant bridal bouquet with lavender and white roses was absolutely stunning! The handsome groom dressed in an elegant blue suit with a pocket square accessory complemented perfectly with the colors of the Mediterranean sea and sky. The lovely ceremonies took place at the couples’ small, private, picturesque chapel near the sea. At the chapel, the couple opted to have two tall traditional candles on each side of the wedding ceremony table, decorated with fresh local lavender and twine. The ceremony table held a silver tray with lavender, a bohemian-style crocheted doily and their minimal silver wedding crowns (stefana) tied with a lovely white ribbon. A beautiful lavender and white rose arched wedding wreath was hung over the door of the chapel. The use of eucalyptus and olive leaf greenery and the lavender and white rose floral compositions highlighted the traditional Greek elements of the minimal white chapel. Outside the church, there was a small table with dispensers of lemonade and some delicious local pasteli sweets of sesame and honey for the guests.

The wedding favors were lilac boxes with “Koufetta” resting on a bed of dried lavender blossoms inside. The favors for the christening were unique customized tote bags designed by la fête along with the couple featuring the couples’ logo. Nikoleta and Dimitris invited the extremely talented Nektarios Maniatis along to photograph the combined wedding and christening event. The photographs truly captured the authentic and the laid-back atmosphere of this intimate event.

Following the wedding and christening, the bride, her family and guests strolled from the church to the seaside wedding reception, through quaint roads, accompanied by local musicians playing traditional wedding songs. The scenic wedding reception venue was directly on the beach, where soft waves lapping against the shore played their own melody. The la fête team were mindful of keeping  the style of the island, so they kept the rest of the island beach party decor minimal. The Greekstyle wedding buffet was an ultimate feast where guests had the opportunity to enjoy traditional flavors distinct to the island. Guests dined family-style on long monastery tables dressed in a cool island beach party style with crocheted placemats and centerpieces of local lavender. 

Words are not enough to describe the cool island beach party. It was an event where time stood still, as the DJ played a mixture of traditional songs from Northern Greece and international music and where guests danced, laughed and had a wonderful time until the hours of twilight.

Photo Credits:
Nektarios Maniatis
Event Planning:
La fete
La fete & Sakura
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La fete
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La fete
20 July 2019
17 September 2016
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