It all started with an e-mail with the subject line: Let's discuss wedding plans ...Olga is the type of girl that even if you are supposed to be working together on her wedding, you would begin to have too much fun and end up just hanging out! She’s a source of laughter, the coolest, but also extremely perceptive and always right on point.

Nick, the other half, is the model groom. He knows what he wants, what is needed and is simply enjoying the pre-wedding period. Olga and Nick therefore claim the title of ‘most relaxed couple of the year’! This was the case right from the beginning when my phone rang and the following dialogue proceeded:

Olga: Hey Anais, we would love to work with you and the date we want for our wedding is 11/09/16 in Kefalonia.

Anais: Oh, unfortunately this date isn’t available.

Olga: Ah okay, let's do it the 3rd of September then.. no worries!

And that's how it all started!

Our theme came easily too .. Bougainvillea, traditional Kefalonian sweets, water colour designs, and fonts resembling handwriting. The journey of discovery (the term the ‘La Fete’ team uses to describe a couple’s wedding planning) soon met with simple recreation! Once we had drunk our morning coffee in Riga Feraiou, we jumped aboard the ferry to Kefalonia. With great energy and team spirit, our plan came together easily and a ‘to do list’ was completed super quickly! So with our list organised, we found ourselves enjoying a mojito in the Fiasko bar with our laughter likely to wake the neighbours!

The wedding stationery set was influenced by Bougainvillea with colours of fuchsia and magenta. The wedding favours couldn’t be anything other than the classic Kefalonian souvenir box of caramelized almonds, nougat, sesame seed bars, quince jelly, and sugared almonds. Wrapped with rope, amaranth and a thank you tag with their initials O&N. The venue decorations made by La fete left everybody speechless! Bougainvillea and fuchsia flowers arranged with carefully disheveled beige metal buckets, bunting and other little finishing touches which were in-keeping with our concept, scattered throughout the beach bar. 

The chapel, Saint Fanentes, was hidden in the trees and the impressive ruins dressed with a simple flower garland, so as not to take away from its natural beauty, became a wonderful backdrop for the photographer. Personalized paper cones filled with rice were waiting in rustic crates outside the church. The couple’s wedding car, a vintage racing green mini cooper was the canvas on which guests wrote their wishes in white chalk for the bride and groom. They drew pictures and wrote their dreams for the couple all over the vehicle! We tied metal bells onto the car bumper and the pair left for Antisamo.

Guests were then greeted with a mountain of caramelized almonds (madoles), seafood and a ginger cocktail. The photobooth, the S.O.S kit, the charging station were all there just in case!

The party lasted until the early hours ...

Olga and Nick had the send-off of a lifetime!


Bougainvillea Wedding
Photo Credits:
allREDy photography
Antisamos Beach Bar
Event Planning:
la fête
Aktipis Flowers
Event Stationery:
la fête
Event Decoration:
la fête
27 June 2016
03 September 2016
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