We were eager to go to Kythnos!

During the preparation of this wedding, the time was passing by quickly, our place was full of vivid colors, boxes, wooden surfaces, threads and anything else that we needed for the wedding decor. For the venue decor, we gave shape to our ideas and we dived into creation! And between all these things, and with a palette full of ideas, the trip with Sandy and Jannetos was evolving delightfully…

So we painted wooden marking labels with the wedding logo and we wrapped the fresh, red geraniums that reached the exact same morning, at Loutra’s port, while the friends of the mother of the bride were perfecting the flower decor with turquoise ribbons. All the yellow and light blue check tablecloths were cut at the moment on the exact measurements needed for every table, and the tables were brought to the venue by the family’s local friends from every place on the island.

The wedding was planned to happen at 12:00. The hats, the fans and the umbrellas were necessary for the protection of the the guests because of the September sun that was still shinning bright and hot. Everything was from the same color palette that the couple had chosen: turquoise, red and sandy. Behind of an impressive little gulf, that we couldn’t get enough of looking at, we started setting the wedding scene. The tents for the shadow, had been set from the previous day, the dance floor were constructed only for the couple, by local constructors and at the same time different tables and chairs were gathered from taverns, churches and houses from all over the island.

The decoration started with the olive trees, that had a primary role on the theme of the wedding and the idea of a modern outdoor tavern was starting to take shape. The bomboniera cocktail was already on the table! The Patatato was boiling in copper pots since sunrise…. In the cell of the grove, that’s how the locals call the village houses on the fields, the bride started preparing herself for the wedding. Her friend and make up artist, was there since early in the morning, her family obviously moved and with their eyes full with tears of happiness were there too, when the photographers and the videographers made their first clicks and created their first captions.

The friends of the mother were helping by making homemade *pasteli, the tsipouro was pouring up on the short glasses and the violins were playing the first notes in front of the door of the bride. The same time the bride was getting ready, the same time inside the sail boat the groom’s friends were starting the traditional custom of shaving the groom…and those who couldn’t fit on the cabin they were watching through the scuttle!

And now we have a captain! The cameras were steaming, ready to capture every moment. The scene is ready… Let’s go for the J&S wedding.

At this point we have a great wedding tip for the guests: if you are fed up throwing rice(!), like the guests of this wedding, you can throw black eyed peas! Warning: Don’t go any further with maximizing the size of the legumes or cereals that you choose to throw to the couple. At the end of the ceremony the couple’s friends had a few surprises for them…

The couple’s sailing suite was decorated with little flags and the sail boat itself was a decor for the sail boats that were surrounding them. Rugs, giant pillows, chaise long were waiting, the guests’ salty wet bodies. It was almost certain that nobody could hold himself from diving in the deep blue sea, so some peshtemal towels were there for the guests.

Time for food! The Deipnosofistirion catering, responded perfectly to the gastronomical appetites, with a rich menu that included, not only traditional local plates like “kolopia”, but also a great variety of appetizers and seafood, and for a grand finale, patatoto of course. At this point we should congratulate the catering’s stuff that even after 20 hours of non stop working was still cool and ready to give their best smile to the guests. The dance floor was hot and the sea was calling the best dancers for piece of dewiness. And of course the bride made the most impressive entrance. When the dusk came, it was time to relax with chill out music by DJ-Jan on the beach salon. But the relaxation didn’t take long, few minutes later the guests were ready to hit the dance floor. The lafête team full of energy started dancing on the dance floor showing their moves.

And that’s the way everything… started! Tired of dancing but still smiling happily. The violins were ready to go back to their cases. With the traditional sounds of music still playing on our minds, we left full of beautiful memories.

*La fete would like to emphasize that without the ideas and participation of Mrs. Efi, Mr. Tasos, Santi and Maria (mmdesign) nothing would be the same! Also the contribution of the friends of Kythnia was very important in this big wedding project! La Fête looked at herself and smiled too.

*patatato: is a delicious traditional Kythnos plate with lamb, tomato sauce and potatoes.

*pasteli: traditional treat of Kythnos that’s served at weddings, made with honey and sesame

Sandy and Jannetos congratulations!

Ένας γάμος με χρώμα από γεράνι
Photo Credits:
Theodoros Chliapas
Event Planning:
la fête
Event Stationery:
MM design
Event Decoration:
la fête
25 August 2019
10 September 2016
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