The Lafete team press ‘play’ and 99 red balloons sounds out on youtube and all of a sudden, Eva and Leandros’ wedding concept comes to life. It’s their friends’ and their favourite song and it captures the very essence of the vibrant couple. 

It’s July, summer, and rich green and blue tones merge in the small gulf of Anavissos.  We enter estate 48, the ideal wedding venue, where all is quiet except for the breeze twisting through the crimson bougainvillea.  Here amongst calm whitewashed walls, Eva and her friends have arrived early to hear about this space which the Lafete team envisage to be perfect for the wedding of Leandros and her.  The appropriate space for their guests to experience an island mood.  Leandros arrives, quickly gives us a kiss and together we set to work!

Stairs, chairs, stools, tables, and even shoulders (with prior consent of course) are used to climb over the palm trees, the church bell tower and the terraces of the bars to hang meters and meters of paper bunting. The blue and white wooden signpost with useful guidance for guests stands proudly at the entrance, while multi-coloured ribbons create a backdrop for a makeshift photo booth.  It creates the desired result; the perfect setting for laughter and special moments which will be captured during the event. 

Once the necessary props and accessories for the photo booth are in place, (moustaches, hats, a monocle, and more) the fun can really begin.  Turquoise rope displaying the best wishes of Eva and Leandros’ guests decorate the scene. Drinks and refreshments are ready at the bar with colourful paper straws and cocktail ingredients in abundance.  Of course we didn’t forget the cactus at the command of our Groom!

The wedding favours with various surprises adorn the porcelain dishes.  Each rustic paper bag contains customised gifts symbolising the couple and their union.  Honey WEDO (because we are meant to BEE), Coffee WEDO (the perfect blend) and matches WEDO (the perfect match). The bride’s girlfriends are recounting their memories, telling stories and laughing as they help us with ribbons and vintage glass jars.  The La fete team have made this simple, plain space unrecognizable.  With pretty seating arrangements, candles, golden balloons in the form of the couple’s names, decorative baskets, sweets and finally guests will adorn every chair and corner.

Shortly after 19:00 the La Fete team greets the first guests, briefs them on the tables at which they’re sat after the ceremony and presents them with their orange and pink ribbons, additional keepsakes to remember Eva and Leandros’ special day*.

* Some of the guests were chasing us towards the end of the evening, they had managed to lose their ribbons and wanted to acquire more!

For the table centerpieces, together with the couple we chose different sized jam jars, edged with colorful ribbons in pink, orange, turquoise, yellow, and filled them with the classic and simplistically beautiful flower, Gypsophilia or otherwise known as baby's breath. The bridal suite was a world of white sweets, stylish ladies in colourful dresses and skirts, and sun-kissed skin.  Standing around the bride who was nothing short of dazzling! 

There was no shortage of accessories for the bridesmaids! White babies’-breath bracelets! Elena Psoma expertly looked after the sparkling Eva! Pop ! Veuve Cliquot champagne was poured into glasses ...

The groom in a cooler atmosphere, enjoyed the sun and the pool drinking beer with his friends.  They rammed into a hotel room to trim his beard and dress him for the big moment! Next he fixed a fantastic wooden bow tie into place, took his blue jacket, and began his journey to the church!


Everyone was there, gazing at the sea and enjoying their welcome drink.  All anxiously awaiting their bride! The bouquet was delivered to the groom, and Eve, with her beautiful wedding dress creation was soon by his side! The ceremony commences! A sweet ceremony. Throughout which the sun lit up the calm faces of the couple who never stopped smiling and gazing at each other with tenderness. Guests bathed the couple with colourful rose petals which had been arranged in turquoise geometric baskets and the romantic first dance of Eva and Leandros, was completed. All eagerly longing for the cocktail bar to open the evening with a brumble!

Once they had enjoyed all the dishes from the meticulously chosen buffet ( Δειπνοσοφιστήριον ), guests moved, as if magnetized, towards the dancefloor. Men and women entered in rows in a dance performance of perfect preparation. Beautiful poses in the photo booth soon followed where polaroids captured the smiles of the guests and their heart felt wishes for Eva and Leandros.  Amazing dresses were soon wrinkled, ties were tossed in the air and finally ... guests and the newlywed pair took a spontaneous dip in the pool!

Without dry clothes (with the exception of the groom who, certainly not by accident, had four changes of clothes) the dripping young guests continued to dance like crazy.  Twist, rock, somersaults, waltz, acrobatics with glasses on their heads... all reminiscent of a scene from an 80s movie. 

It's time for the customised bride and groom All Stars!

And time for a surprise!  At the start of this article we mentioned the couples’ favourite song. '99 red balloons. Well, those 99 red balloons came out of their hiding place, triggered by the dj putting the song on loud and just as guests heard the first notes of the infamous song, red balloons indeed filled the dancefloor and then the sky. Eva and Leandros embraced and joy roused the Bay of Anavissos!

Eva and Leandros are now part of our lives and we are so happy that we met these special creatures. We will continue spending moments together and hope they will be always as happy as they were the day of this fantastic wedding!! 

We love you!


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