We met at the airport for the initial expedition! Two beautiful young people with style, vision and a common dream, a memorable wedding on a Greek island.

And so it began.... A Canadian and a Greek residing in Milan and one Greek-French wedding planner originating from Paros, returning home to set up the personalised wedding of their dreams!

Having wandered through the villages and along the beaches of Paros, we sampled the octopus and drank local ‘Souma’ and began planning the time-frame and together we set the all-important wedding date: 26/06/2016.  Our skype-conferences and evening talks maintained our regular contact and the concept began to take shape. Our theme: Greek Herbs! Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme, Lavender, Mint and so much more! A little tweaking and redesigning of an old postcard of Paros and the invitation was born. A save the date was sent, and the website filled with information for the guests.  Then before we knew it, the moment had come... That weekend, wedding guests came from all over the world!

The venue, ‘The Sommaripa Consolato’ welcomed friends and family of the couple and signature cocktails brought the world closer together. On Faraga beach the pre-wedding party commenced! Diving, dancing, finger food and beverages .... the official dress rehearsal! Sunday dawned and the fever of preparation began. While the beautiful bride with her family and friends enjoyed the services (manicures, make-up, hair styling) of La Fete’s high standard partners, the groom enjoyed the sun in Santa Maria!

Then the time had come! The distinguished guests were waiting patiently at the church of St. John Detis when the couple appeared accompanied by the lute and violin. The ceremony was held in the outer courtyard of the church with nature’s background music and atmospheric lighting, the sound of the waves and the glow of the sun illuminating them!

The couple escaped with Kostas and Aris for a quick photo shoot at the little port of Naoussa while the international guests were enjoying an aperitif overlooking the sea. Warm cones of seafood and Souma cocktails complemented with Ouzo offered by the catering. The decorations were all in-keeping with our theme. Handmade wooden plant pots adorned the tables.  Each lined with craft paper, filled with soil and herbs, with miniature blackboards declaring each herb’s name. White candles everywhere. Ouzo in traditional costume, Linen favours, each tied with a bow and a sprig of fresh rosemary and rosemary beside each plate. We had hanging garlands, warm lights and naturally, a dance floor!

Alexandra and Jason’s initials as well as postcards and other props enriched the photobooth.  The evening ended with the DJ’s chilled out vibes and whiskey flowing in ‘Cigar corner’. A special and beautiful couple who made La Fete’s summer look beautiful!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your confidence in us and a beautiful collaboration all round!

The greek green wedding
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