An Artisanal Typical Greek Wedding in the picturesque island of Paros

The wedding that you will discover here is about a young native greek couple that decided to get married on the picturesque island of Paros in a traditional way with the colors island and very artisanal decoration. In this very specific island and location they decided to gather all their friends and family from all the horizons to celebrate their love and happiness with their favorite people in the world. 

But Wait before they say yes to each other for life the couple has to get ready to be the best looking they ever have been. From one side, Ioanna was getting ready in a splendid sea view villa with a music live band, champagne, a white custom cake and all her girl friends that were all amazing with breathtaking colorful dresses and were so devoted to the bride, they brought here some custom pink cap with the sentence “the one where Ioanna Gets married” written on it. This was very special for all the friend’s group and especially for Ioanna who let out some tears. But then Ioanna has to get ready because time is running out so fast when you're having a good time. First let’s start with the hairstyle with a plated low bun and exceptional custom veil with a red quote that said “My sun, my moon and all of my stars”. Then it’s the makeup where she had to have multiple retouches because she cried a lot during the preparation overwhelmed by all the love from friends and family. Her makeup was very simple smokey brown eyes with a soft pink lipstick. For the shoes she was wearing Jimmy Choo white heels with big bows but what we were all waiting for was the wedding dress, a magical big puffy silk dress with a square neck and an immaculate white bringing out the bride's tan, a very princess dress that suited her perfectly. 

The groom was also getting ready with his friends and family around some snacks and wine. He was wearing a handsome navy blue suit to remember the colors of the island with a white shirt, some classic black loafers, very tiny funny sunglasses and a very natural buttonhole with green leaves and lavender. His arrival was remarkable, he arrived in a black vintage convertible Alfa Romeo decorated with a bouquet on each side and then he waited for Ioanna in front of the church, her wildflower multicolor bouquet in his hands, it was now time for the orthodox wedding ceremony. 

The ceremony took place in front of the Agios Ioannis Detis church with an incredible sea view. A little altar was disposed of with a white tablecloth to proceed the engagement. On the table there were the traditional utilities for an orthodox wedding ; the white crowns with white ribbons, rice, almond candy and a glass of wine. The place was also decorated with two huge and many tiny handwoven artisanal baskets  with big wildflower colorful bouquets inside to match the bridal bouquet of the wedding. There was also one basket with the rice to throw on the couple at the end of the ceremony as the famous and old tradition said. And just like that with a lot of tears, joy and rice mixed together they became husband and wife forever and until death do them part. And then under the congratulations yell of the guests they got back in the vintage car on their way to the dinner reception. 

The wedding reception took place in Alki's beautiful Kolymbithres beachfront villa decorated for the event with a huge swimming pool and palm trees all over the place . The major part of the decoration was the lighting, we had placed a huge starry sky of light all over the reception place and the pool with a ton of light strings giving a rain of lights vibes and a very cocooning place to eat and have fun. Kalopsia light & sound did their miracle!

The white wooden long dinner table was arranged like a U around the swimming pool, so that everyone was able to see the couple and enjoy the view. Aliprantis catering offered a large greek buffet with live cooking, fish and premium cuts. During the reception Rosanna  Mailan and her group were playing music while the guests were drinking and laughing. Let’s talk about the very traditional and artisanal wedding decoration. The dinner tables were decorated with custom handmade ceramic plates with blue painted flowers or evil eye design, all different none were alike. On it there was also a handmade ceramic evil eye painted in blue attached to a little fabric full of Koufeta aka Almond Candy. All over the table there were also tens of flower and plant bouquets in multiple different types of vases, some of them matched the ceramic plates by the blue design. Not only flowes but alos chili peppers, baby tomatoes, persil, mint, celery! For the wedding table plan we decided with the couple to do something very uncommon. We wrote the names of the guests on peppers, aubergines disposed at each place of the table. Like always there was also some little decoration all over the venue like a little craft bag with a plant in it with the note “ if you feel drunk ask Anais to call a cab”  or even a flip flop bag which said “ your dancing shoes”. Not far from the table the la fete has also designed a photobooth corner , with a very original background, colorful handmade ceramic plates with different draw on it and a big neon panel saying “THA SE PARO NA FYGOUME” , the perfect spot for the guests to take unforgettable photos. We also installed a cocktail bar, the menu was written one a craft bag holding a plant and it was next to a chalkboard saying  “take a drink and take your seat”.

At the end of the dinner the wedding cake arrived, a two steps white cake with gold touches and wild colorful flowers and olive leaves, and here happened the very first taste of the couple with exchange of the spoons. And after that they popped the champagne, but it was not a regular, it was champagne that back story, this bottle was from 1996 and it was kept by the bride's father for this special day , the wedding of his daughter. They spilled it on glasses, and drinked it like no other champagne before , they danced and had fun all night. 

To Ioanna and Alkis we are so lucky to had the chance to help you celebrate this very strong love between the two of you, please keep your natural inner beauty and light that both of you have. 


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