A pre-wedding party on the beach and a reception on a village square. The recipe for success for an authentic island wedding!

Irini & Alexis, a young, modern couple from the mainland of Greece, chose the amazing island of Tinos as the destination for their wedding. Tinos belongs to the Cyclades, in contrast to its cosmopolitan neighbor Mykonos, it has kept its authenticity, the traditional villages and unique local gastronomy.

The preparations started about one year prior to the wedding. Irini & Alexis knew from the very beginning that they would like to combine the Tinian tradition along with modern details and aesthetics. Based on this, the pigeon house was chosen  as the main theme for the event. Pigeon houses are a great part of the Tinian tradition and architecture.

La fete designed all the wedding stationery and favours based on the pigeon house theme, but with a modern twist. White, black and grey were the colors of the theme. The guests were especially impressed  by the wedding favour. A marble handmade necklace in a triangular shape with silver details, reminding the architecture of a pigeon house.

For the pre-wedding event,we chose the most popular beach bar on the island, Tinos Surf Lessons at Kolibithra Beach. Swimwear, bare-foot and party mood were necessary for the event. They enjoyed the Greek sun, the blue waters, a lot of beer and cocktails and an amazing party on the beach until the sun went down. A beach hamam towel was given as a favour to the guests.

The next day was the BIG DAY! Bride and groom made their preparations in different properties, accompanied by their beloved ones. After a research, the La fete team found the perfect villas to host the preparations. 

The village of Dio Choria was the selected village for hosting the ceremony and the reception. The ceremony took place in the Holy Temple of the Assumption of the Virgin. The front stairs of the church were decorated with wooden crates filled with flowers. The view from the church yard was truly breathtaking! Signs, which were created by la fete, helped the guests to find the way to the church walking  through the small alleys. Refreshments and traditional sweets were there to welcome the guests as well.

The groom arrived first at the church with the bridal bouquet (as usual) and he waited patiently for his future wife! Our beautiful bride arrived accompanied by her family and a duo of traditional musicians. She was looking absolutely dazzling in her handmade wedding dress by the Greek designer Alexia Kirmitsi. Also, her headpiece jewelry was truly a masterpiece! The deep blue sea and the clear sky made for the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous shots taken by the talented photographer, Thanos Floulis.

After the ceremony, the couple celebrated their love with family and friends, in a unique location at the cobblestone square of the village, under plane trees. String lights and long wooden tables gave a festive atmosphere. The tables were adorned with candles, cement pots filled with wildflowers and bamboo placemats. A handmade photo booth and polaroids were there as well to keep the memories alive. Tasty food and complimentary drinks by Exo catering helped the party to take off, as long with the music choices of Dj Thanos.

Everyone felt the atmosphere of love and joy danced the night away! 

Irini & Alexis, thank you for these memories! You were truly amazing!

Photo Credits:
Thanos Floulis
The META Project
Dyo Choria
Event Planning:
la fête
La fete & Sakura
Event Stationery:
la fête
Event Decoration:
la fête
09 September 2017
25 September 2018
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