Giannis and Katerina natural waterfront Wedding 


Giannis and Katerina went to Trizonia island, a very small island near where  Giannis grew Nafpaktos to say yes to each other under the eyes of their beloved one with a magical view on the sea. This little picturesque island, all sandy, surrounded by the mountains,  with a wide body of water, some flowers, a shiny sun, it was the perfect place, the perfect day to embrace their love. 

Few hours before the magical moment where he was gonna say ‘i do‘ to the woman of his life, Giannis decided to get ready in his town Nafpaktos with all his family and closest friends. With a lot of excitement and with some help, the groom put on his outfit , something very rare to see he wore white too, to match the bride. The bride features the angel look at perfection, with her blond hair and immaculate 'Aggelos Bratis' white dress. Katerina decided to get ready on the island in a villa, with all her bridesmaids and family. With a band who was playing in the background it started to be hard to hold the tears both for the bride,  for the girls and above all for her parents.  Their daughter was also there, wearing a tiny little white dress and a beautiful crown of flowers. She was proudly looking at her mom hoping that one day it would be her who would marry someone under the eyes of her parents. Katerina hugged her daughter before putting on the dress of her life and joining her future husband. But before that, under the eyes of almost all the guests, she wrote as the tradition said the names of the single ladies under her heels. 

Our dear Giannis is about to arrive by boat to meet Katerina in front of the church on the island, her little girl is waiting for him on the wharf with the big pink bougainvillea bouquet in her hands who can’t wait to see her parents getting married. The couple met in front of the beautiful and only one Orthodox church of Trizonia. The bride arrived with her vale in front of her eyes and its been taking out immediately by the groom to make his first kiss to his soon wife. The couple enter the church hand in hand. The priest proceeds to all of the traditionals rites of the orthodox wedding. And that is it just like that after the last signature in front of their little girls eyes they became husband and wife forever. Welcomed by a rain of rice, the celebration is about to start. 

The reception took place at the top of the island’s restaurant in front of the big blue matching the colors of the tables , circle white tables with touches of light blue. When choosing their wedding style, the couple decided to have something very simple, the theme was around blue and white, something to remember the island  colors. The decoration was all put together on the tables with a wonderful blue runner who crossed the circle table, which matched the blue napkins tied on itself and disposed on every plate and also splendid vintage blue glasses at each place. On every table there were also little candles to give a cocooning vibes to the outside reception , and finally an exceptional bougainvillea crown on the middle of every table. 

This decoration was accompanied with the guest’s favor who was a little Echeveria , something who will grow and live forever if you take care of it like the love there is between them.  With a little note with the couple's names and some touches of sea blue and bougainvillea pink. 

And before eating the couple had their first dance as wife and husband, under splendid fireworks, it was so emotional to see, expressing the love they have for each other only with their eyes. You can easily see that these two were made for each other. And then they all danced together , and had fun all night long. 

To Giannis and Katerina , what a lovely couple you are , thank you so much for choosing us to organize this charming wedding to celebrate your love. We wish you a perfect life with your little girl, we already know that your angel family will shine till the end and after in heaven. 


Photo Credits:
Theodoros Chliapas
Kostas Petsas
Event Planning:
La Fête
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La Fête
04 September 2021
04 October 2019
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