A cosmopolitan wedding on the earth of gods

Once upon a time at the end of summer 2021 not that far away there was a lovely princess called Valentine and her future Prince called Alexei. They got married on a little pittoresk island near the capital called Aegina , like Zeus and Asopos this is where their life as husband and wife will begin. Here with all their families and friends from all the continents gathered together, their fairy tale is about to start. 

Before the ceremony they get- ready separately , when Alexei is putting his shirt on , Valentine is doing her make-up by herself. The stress is increasing but they don’t have the time to think it is now time for them to meet in front of the church. Looking like a goddess with an incredible white dress with a long train and gold accessories, Valentine and her future lovely Husband who arrived on his white horse, a motorbike with the bride’s bouquet, are ready to say yes for life. But before that our dear Valentine popped the champagne to celebrate love with her mother and grandmother and had some laughs with her female friends. Everyone well-dressed is waiting for the couple, they can’t wait to see them say yes to each other. 

The ceremony happened  in a traditional orthodox all white church called St-Anargiri decorated with eucalyptus and flower for the occasion. An amazing bougainvillea garland was decorating the church entrance. The wedding rite was made in front of the church under the exceptional sun of Greece, with all the traditions. Here the couple are the happiest there have ever been. After saying ‘oui je le veux’ to the love of their lives it is now time for them to go to the venue by her carriage, a french ‘deux-chevaux’. 

As a Princess and Prince the wedding took place in a castle called Pyrgos Ralli with a charming decoration to look like them. As the place is already breathtaking the decoration was simple. With a long brown country style  tables , some touches of white and above all a lot of eucalyptus and flowers and some mood lights. For the dinner a greek band was playing music and singing some songs and it made us lose our minds since it was so beautiful. Everyone eats a delicious Greek feast and enjoys these moments to celebrate love all around them. 

After eating , it was time to party , some music was played and everyone was dancing to this , laughing , love and emotions , we wished this was endless. The party continued to the most impressive bar of Aigina, which is one of the oldest banks of Greece that the owners turned into a bar! 

And this is over. We told you the history of Valentine and Alexei, but we know that theirs is far from over , we wish you the best thank you for your trust. It was a pleasure to help you realize your dream.  We had so much fun with you guys!


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