An unforgettable day that seems to be straight out of a fairy tale, that special day Marianna and Giannis dreamed of it all their lives. They were able to share it with all their families and friends who came from all over the world, to see them say yes to life in their native country of Greece. This day was also incredible because it also allowed the couple to celebrate their love around the baptism of their newborn Stavros. The magnificent and romantic island of Paros welcomed this kindly family full of smiles and love.

The immaculate white symbolism of this Cyclades Island built the wedding theme, like diving into the middle of paradise, with touches of fuchsias reminiscent of the splendid bouquet of the bride as well as eucalyptus green and some yellow. Natural colors in the image of this authentic couple and their loved ones, laugh, happy tears, pride and joy, a day full of emotions and above all: LOVE, immortalized by the talented AK3 fotografia.

On D-Day, the preparation of the bride and groom was done separately (the men on one side and the women on the other) in a luxurious villa with a good atmosphere, in all simplicity, friends and family agree to give their best to help the couple prepare themselves in a good mood. A pretty blazer, black pants and a fuchsia boutonniere for Monsieur. A magnificent bun, natural make-up done by Ioanna who did a wonderful job making the bride splendid, beige heels, a white outfit with a train, some pearls jewelry and a bouquet of bougainvillea for Marianna. The preparation finished more beautifully than ever the couple can’t wait to see the love one, to see what the person with who they will spend the rest of their days looks like, but they will have to wait a little longer.

To arrive at the place of the ceremony the couple took a kaiki boat, a traditional fishing boat rented exceptionally for the couple, friends, family and witnesses. Seeing the bride determined to go find her husband, without thinking, is what creates the best memories. After a few minutes the bride finally arrives at the port of Naoussa where the ceremony will take place at the church of Saint Nikolaos. This church is all-white small church decorated for the occasion with fuchsia flowers. On her father’s arm, Marianna was welcomed by musicians and Giannis who was waiting for her on the quay, with her bouquet in his hand as tradition dictates. His gaze and the gaze of the couple’s proud relatives was a magnificent moment to experience and capture for the photographer, time stood still.

After being reunited, the couple had a traditional Greek ceremony with all the guest who looked them beginning their lives together as husband and wife. After giving the wedding ring, the priest’s vows, the rice pier and the kisses, it was time for the baptism of the little Stavros. The little baby with the help of its God-father took his first bath in holy water, and was welcomed in the home of God. And at this moment we saw the people who hadn’t cried yet crying of happiness and emotions, the grandfather let his tears come down after the baptism. Even the baby let some tears after this bath, watching his proud parents and family looking at him.

And that was it, they were married under the eyes of their loved ones on the beautiful island of Paros. Now after all these emotions and a few pictures it was time to party at the Monastiri Bar-restaurant and enjoy the delicious meal Aliprantis had prepared. The restaurant was decorated as the couple asked, simple, white, with some bougainvillea and cactus and some traditional baskets. The wedding presents for the guests were some ‘tama’ which were placed on the plates ,  made by the amazing All I see is sea. With a beautiful view on the beach, some glasses of champagne, it was a wonderland. The now married couple arrived at the place in a Kaiki boat like a princely couple applauded by all the guests, who raised their glasses to them.

 The night who followed was full of laughs and dances thanks to the incredible DJ. A party in honor of the amazing couple and their little one that we met. The bride throws her bouquet to the future bride who hope will be as happy as Marianna. And after this they had fun all night around their family and friends thankful for the love around them.

 To Marianna and Giannis and your little baby Stavros, thank you so much for your trust. You are a wonderful couple and above all amazing humans. We are so grateful for having a role in this unforgettable day, and to have meet all of your relatives (keep them in your lives because during this day we have only seen Love with L).

 I wish you a bright life as was the smile on your face during your wedding.


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