This is the tale of a traditional wedding, taking place in a town square, but with a modern twist! It is the charming location which sets off this wedding. The Grandfather of Marietta owns one of the most beautiful traditional houses of the region. After some years her parents built a cottage and Marietta and Thimios spent their summers on the island. 

Their love for Folegandros Island, is a love we share. Agricultural landscapes, cobbled paths, white houses with pretty shutters and beautiful warm-hearted inhabitants. Now the island was ready to welcome a wedding party that would be truly unforgettable! Just before Easter we travelled with Marietta to this picture-perfect location. Having enjoyed a ‘Matsata’ (the region’s exquisite pasta dish) in the village square, we started to organize the wedding. Violins, beverages, pies and an abundance of fun were our ingredients! And so the celebrations begin!

As they arrived the guests were led by the Lafete team to their hotels on scooter or in the jeeps we’d had booked.  The DJ set up the decks, the musicians made ​​their final rehearsals, the garland bougainvillea hung elegantly in the church of Pantanassa, and the guest list was confirmed.  Oh and Anais tasted the pie (a highly necessary part of the checklist!). Photographer- check, make-up – check.  Everything is ready! The grand festival began in the village square. The local chefs of Folegandros prepared their cauldrons and the preparations began. Meanwhile Marietta was preparing with her ​​friends at home ... 

And somewhere, in the narrow streets of the island, the groom greeted the stylish best man who had chosen just the right shade of blue for his suit. After a few drinks, and a little grooming, the groom was launched!  Now, how else could one start a Cycladic marriage? Only, of course, with a Violin, a traditional Lute and the island’s distinctive music!  The couple were led by violins into the church ...

Even Pantanassa church wore its best attire! 'Koureloudes' were spread on the white benches around the church. Bougainvillea decorated the door. Briskly, lace table cloths and doilies dressed the wedding tables and the priest greeted the guests.  Welcome to Marietta and Thimios’ wedding.  The ceremony had begun…

Anais with her lemon polaroid camera was there to complement the work of photographer Nektarios Maniatis :-)

And according to local customs, Raki was served to all. At the same time, in the square, the traditional Taverna ‘PIATSA’ and the La fete team were preparing the backdrop for the big party!  The colour scheme… 'chic panigiri'? or Pistachio to some! The lights and handmade garlands were ready…… hanging from the trees to illuminate the scene. 

White flowers locally planted in mint coloured pots adorned the tables with rustic paper tablecloths, and favours made especially for us by ‘Prigipo’,  customised black star necklaces tied around little boxes and placed in the dishes. Our creations (invitations, menus, table numbers, and more) clued the guests into the fact that a large island feast was in the making!

Let us introduce you to Sugar Ve...


M&T Wedding selfies.

With the help of a local carpenter, the La Fete team created a polaroid photobooth, which attracted guests but also French and Italian passers-by!! The bouquet was handmade by La Fete! Angeliki and Anais took to the fields of Folegandros and after they had gathered grains, lavender, caper leaves, daisies , and bougainvillea, they assembled a colourful bridal bouquet and also boutonnieres for the groomsmen. By eight in the morning tables, people, decorations, the photobooth, tablecloths, bottles, shirts, were all looking well-loved or worse for wear!...... and the party moved on to enjoy a royal breakfast!  

'Οταν χαράζει στο Αιγαίο’ ‘When chasing the Aegean’ is the beautiful Greek saying ....


This is Greece! Authentic, colourful, happy people!! It was a difficult day in the kitchen! Eventually this marriage took place and all the guests were at the rendez-vous to celebrate in style! The feast was truly indescribable! What’s more, the people of Patras, inhabitants of Folegandros, and the Athenians all turned the square into a huge dance floor!

The team thanks the local islanders so much for their help and support! We hope to organize many more weddings in the enchanting scenery of Folegandros! Marietta and Thimios, we wish you eternal happiness… and for you to spend more and more days on the island until you move there permanently :-)

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Nektarios Maniatis
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