It was on Skype that Vasia and Stamatis connected with the la fête team to plan their dream wedding day. On cold winter nights in front of the computer screen, I from Athens and the couple via London, together we discussed the theme and colour scheme.  Olive green and lavender were the romantic shades of choice. Our chosen decorations: big glass tubes wrapped in floaty cotton lace and filled with candles or large bunches of wild flowers.

A good friend of theirs would handle the graphic design aspects and so it all began to take shape! Beautiful wedding favours were also created by one artist friend of theirs. An ancient Cycladic statue in olive green accompanied by a linen bag with sugared almonds.

The first day on the island we arrived at the villa to arrange the catering and a table plan within a field of olive trees. The guests began to arrive. Beige tote bags with the wedding logo and full of goodies were waiting for them in their hotel rooms, a welcoming gift from us! After the to-do list was completed, Vasia and Stamatis went to enjoy their pre-wedding swim with friends at the ‘Sorros’ beach bar. The plan; to bathe in the sea and then hit ‘Boogaloo’ cocktail bar, located in the central square of Antiparos. At the entrance beautiful metal bracelets with the logo of the couple welcomed their guests and doubled as their entrance pass as they began the consumption of delicious and imaginative cocktails courtesy of the bar’s talented mixologists.

The next day dawned bringing with it mild heat and sunshine! Preparing the villa turned into another pre-wedding event as the groom partied and enjoyed a drink and a dance with his friends in the pool. The adjacent villa was transformed into a beauty center! The bride with her friends, all beauties and in the hands of experts!

At the same time the la fête team was busy readying the party space! Oblong monastic wooden tables were set up. Lace placemats, sparklers, favours, flowers, THANK YOU tags, 'just married' flags and many other details fell into place. Handcrafted ornaments by mom gave the finishing touch to the overall concept. Next to the door hung a framed blackboard where everyone would be able to add their own words in chalk before posing for a polaroid. Beside the pool stands and stools were set up for guests to perch on and enjoy some relaxing drinks overlooking the sea, taking in the spectacular views of the West of Paros!

The ceremony took place in the magical cave! The courtyard was adorned with candles, a basket was filled with personalised fans while cloth Greek flags waved over the scene. At the door of the church we hung a pretty floral garland.

The bride arrived accompanied by musicians wearing a sensational wedding dress and made all of the guests look on in awe! She was truly radiant! After the groom gave her a kiss, the marital ceremony took place. Lemonade and meringues awaited everyone afterwards, along with a downpour of rice for the newlyweds!

The villa scene looked like a fairytale. With candles to create a romantic atmosphere and wreaths with lights taking us back to a sweeter time. Once people completed the meal, a plummy sweet buffet from 'Tserki’ awaited them by the pool. The party opened with 2 thrilling dances! One with Vasia and her dad and one with Stamatis. The fireworks lit up the sky and the moment was filled with fantastic dance moves!

It was simply a beautiful wedding in Antiparos! Uniformity in the decoration, a contemporary Cycladic concept, all tied in perfectly! And the final result was way above par! Vasia and Stamatis are two very sweet, open and loving individuals.

Thank you for your cooperation! I really hope the Cycladic sun follows you throughout your life together!

* Whenever I hear the song, , you will come to mind :-)

Glamorous Wedding on Antiparos island
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20 August 2016
05 September 2015
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