All i see is Love 


The story i am about to tell you is a story who came from love movie but here it is a love story in real and i call tell you it is ending well. This story is about two young Americans Ashley and Eugene who fell in love with each other and decided to get married after 13 years together on Antiparos Island, far from their home but with all their closest relatives , friends and families and it is the only thing that matters. It was a small private wedding with only a few guests , of course we think about the ones who didn't manage to come , but don’t worry we are going to tell you almost everything. The wedding took place foot in the sand , next to the beach at the Beach House Restaurant. 

But wait, before saying yes for life they have to get ready. Ashley looked at her dress like a little girl , of course it was the dress of her life, she chose it well. A long white lace dress who embraced her body perfectly.  With some flowers in her hair like a summer princess,  natural make-up done by the fantastic Ioanna, some gold jewelry. She is with her friends and family , happiness is everywhere.  During this time the men are also getting ready, the best men are wearing blue shirts and the groom a white shirt with orange bows. He puts his jacket on , the  boutonniere is fixed , drinks a little wine glass with his buddies and he is ready to discover his future wife in her wedding dress for the first time. 

When they meet each other in front of the beach after getting ready and before the non-official ceremony you easily tell that they refrain themselves from crying. Some love words are being told in private, not in front of everyone, and here is true love, a declaration of love that is rare to watch. But here they can’t hold their tears anymore , a real moment between the two of them. 

The Non-official ceremony took place just in front of the sea , in the sand. A friend of the couple made the statement , told some anecdotes about the couple  at the plant arch while everyone looked at them emotionally. Ashley started the vows . Ashley expresses to Eugene all the things that she loves about him , Eugene wishes that it will always be his adventure buddy. Then they give to their significant one the engagement ring and say yes forever and after. With her beautiful jean custom jacket on Ashley is now Mrs Bistolas. After some hugs and glasses of champagne it is now time to celebrate around some foods. 

They ate next to the place of the ceremony at the restaurant. The long table was dressed with a linen table runner , white roses and candles. On a table they have put a mailbox , for the guests to write something, a note, an idea, a plan and above all an experience that they should try together. The guest’s favors place in front of every plate was little traditional greek foods on craft bags , olive virgin oil , some liquors and greek honey. It allowed the American guest to taste new things. After the meal it is the moment for the couple to share the white wedding cake, a very intimate moment where they are cutting the cake together and give the first taste to each other . 

After eating, the guests made speeches, friends and family were ready to express their love and pride about the adults they’ve become to the newly married couple. The couple overwhelmed by the love let out some tears of happiness. After all these emotions they needed to party to relief everything , and they danced , laughed , and sang all night long. And it was it , it was the history of this incredible couple full of joy and kindness, we are more than sure that you'll be happily ever after. And as your friend told you, you are the best example of love and commitment. Thank you so much for making us believe in love even more. 


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