From Miss to Mrs 


The wedding I am about to tell you is nothing like you have heard of before, the couple , the places and the decor, everything was very uncommon and so incredible. The beautiful union of Dimitris and Deborah took place on the small island of Tinos. The couple are coming from Belgium like all their guests but it wasn’t their first time in Greece and neither in Tinos, because the parents of Dimitris have a holiday house there so , he basically had spent all his vacations there and he also brought Deborah on the island. So when they thought about getting married it was kinda obvious. The ceremony wasn’t official because they were already married in Belgium but it was a significant ceremony made by a friend of theirs , and it was also the moment to celebrate their union and love with all friends and family. So after 6 years of love, It was to the sound of cicadas and the joyful notes of sirtaki under the beautiful sun of July that they decided to say YES!

To warm up the crowd they decided to have a pre-wedding party at the Tinos surf Lessons bar on Kolymbithres beach with their closest friends and family. To match the couple, the mood was very relaxed with some beers, the foot in the sand , a few steps from the sea and a swimsuit on ,  the atmosphere was on point. 

The next day at Bungalow Carlos the hotel, early in the morning Deborah was getting ready. With her beautiful wedding dress design by the amazing Rime Arodaky with laces and some transparency this dress was perfect for her, to show her splendid tattoos. She is putting on some makeup to make her even prettier with the help of Katerina and made some curls in her hair . At the same time outside the house our dear Dimitris is about to put his outfit on. And this is exactly at this moment that you would understand the type of people that they are. Dimitris is the chilliest person we have ever met and this is what we like about him , this wedding is probably one of the most important things in his life but he is very chill about it, even us we are more scared. For his suit , he wears vans , a beautiful salmond Sandro Shirt , his leopard swimsuit , and a brown blazer to match the shorts both design by Nanushka. And of course some funky colorful socks. He is doing a bun with his long hair , putting his sunglasses on and that is it he is ready to say yes for life to the woman of his days. But you know what we say LESS IS MORE.  During this time the La fête team is making everything ready and perfect for the ceremony and for the reception , they don't let any details escape them. And the bridesmaids are preparing themselves for their speeches for the ceremony , and as us they can’t make any mistakes.  

The symbolic ceremony took place at the hotel in front of the sea with a magical view. At this moment everyone is waiting for Deborah to arrive , they are drinking sparkling wine. And here the mother of Dimitris let some tears come out of her. This woman is like her son, an incredible woman , she had such charisma , and she was such a powerful woman with so much kindness and love that we were able to see it only in two days. And then it was time Dimitris arrived at the arm of his mother , Deborah arrived at the arm of her father , everyone was looking at them , they are about to start their married life together now. First it is the witnesses and parent’s  speech and then theirs. After the vows and the expression of their love they had a kiss and some hugs and that was it in front of their loved one’s eyes , they became one and only forever and are about to start a new family. 

After all these emotions it is time to rejoin the venue to have dinner and a party in the restaurant Sto Kapaki at Choria village. The decoration theme was all about terracotta , light blue, white, pempas, wheat and wooden tables. A very neutral decoration , which matches the place, a little square under the trees just in front of the restaurant. The little guest gifts were little jars with Koufetas  ( almond candy ) and little evil eyes typically from Greece to bring good to us. And then after a tasteful Greek meal they danced all together to celebrate. They had a really good time all together, loving, eating, drinking, laughing, dancing, and celebrating. 

To Deborah and Dimitris thank you so much for your trust on these incredible moments , but above all thank you for being YOU  , this chill kindly couple that you are , we already know you will go far in your true love story. 


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''Sto KAPAKI'', Dyo Choria village
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